Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Onion Straws

This recipe should be called Fried Goodness on a Plate. I've never made onion rings or onion straws but saw it on Pioneer Woman, realized how easy it was, and decided to give it a shot. Glad I did, though I wish there were more people in my house to eat them all. Onions are a big no-no for dogs so I sadly can't share leftovers with them. And microwaved onion straws are just icky.
Onions (I used 2 large sweet onions)
Salt and pepper
All Purpose Flour (2-4 cups)
Cayenne Pepper (I ran out so I used some cajun dust I had)
Buttermilk (I used a half gallon container for 2 onions)
1 quart (or more) canola oil
No need to really measure anything. Slice your onion(s) thinly. I used a mandolin to get even slices. Keep a hanky handy for all the crying you'll do. I couldn't even see half the time I was slicing, but I digress.
Throw the onions in a big bowl of buttermilk. Pioneer Woman says to soak for at least an hour but I didn't have that kind of time so they soaked while the oil got hot. Maybe 15 minutes? Not sure what difference an hour would have made. For two onions, I used the entire container of buttermilk. For one, you could have used half. Whatever works.
Mix in another bowl some flour (2-4 cups), cayenne or cajun dust (eyeball about a teaspoon or two), salt (at least a tablespoon, preferably two), and fresh cracked pepper.
Get your canola oil going in a deep pot until 375. Or until you sprinkle some water in it and it sizzles and pops, which was my method (I can't find my thermometer). Toss some of the onions into the flour mixture, swirl it around to get it nice and covered, then shake off the excess before throwing them into the hot oil. It cooks fast so just flip it around in the oil with a slotted spoon until browned. Remove and do the next batch.
Sprinkle each batch with salt when you pull it out.
We had these with burgers - delicious!

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