Sunday, November 4, 2012

New look and... my first ever giveaway (12 inch Lodge Castiron Skillet)!! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)


I've decided to get serious with this blogging thing. Thus, the great new look thanks to Jen @ Munchkin Land Designs... and the great tips from my friend Jen @ Juanita's Cocina. It's about to get real, y'all.

While waiting on my new and improved design to be finalized, I have been quietly cooking and snapping pictures in my kitchen. Know what that means? I'm a woman with a plan. You'll soon see regular posts - not just a hoard of posts in one week and nothing for three like in the past. I hope to take things to the next level and connect with some other fab foodie bloggers out there in internet land.

I told y'all it was getting real up in here.

{this is the point where Jason rolls his eyes at me}

To celebrate my redesign, I want to celebrate YOU with a giveaway! Most blogs out there host giveaways on a fairly regular basis but I never have. Many of them are sponsored by a brand/product but I'm small potatoes in the blog world and am paying for this right out of my pocket. Yep, I like you that much.

Many of you have faithfully followed along since the beginning and saw first hand just how bad the photography has been at times. Some of you may be brand new and I hope you'll add me to your reader and stick around. Regardless of how long you've been here, I know you'll want a chance to win one of my favorite kitchen items - a 12 inch Lodge cast iron skillet.

Seriously, I ADORE anything cast iron. I used to think it was just for camping and then I saw the light. I love this particular skillet so much that we hit up the Lodge outlet store earlier today (on our way back from a beach weekend at Myrtle Beach - which rocked!) and picked up a 3rd one. Makes total sense that it be the first item I give away to a reader!

You can make peach cobbler in it. Or cornbread. Or mac and Cheese. Or chicken. Or steak (mmmm.... steak). Or baked pasta. The possibilities are endless!

Even if you have one (or four) you can use another. And if you don't have one yet, you need one.

To win a 12 inch Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet:

Required: Comment and tell me your favorite thing to make in a cast iron skillet {be sure and include your email address!}

Additional entries:
Like me on Facebook
Follow me on Pinterest

If you follow me on Pinterest or Facebook, please note that in your comment or I won't know to give you additional shots at winning. With those two additional entries, you can have your name in the drawing three times!

Giveaway closes Friday, November 9 @ Midnight. Winner will be notified by email on Saturday, November 10.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Lodge doesn't even know who I am; I just think their products rock and I want you to have one. This product will be paid for out of my own pocket and shipped directly to you.


  1. The new site looks awesome!! I like you on FB and I already follow you on Pinterest.

    Let's see, favorite thing to cook in a cast-iron... probably queso fundido, though a whole chicken (then making a pan gravy) is a close second. :)

  2. Your new blog looks great... i have been following it forever, my most favorite recipe is your cilantro lime rice, we make it ALL the time! :-) I have never used a cast iron skillet so kinda cant answer honestly, but I watch food network all the time and they use them for everything so I have always wanted one!!!

    Follow you on Facebook and pinterest!

  3. Just started following you blog, looking for some cooking inspiration. (I'm thinking of trying out that pumpkin spiced latte recipe you posted yum). I also have never used a cast iron skillet before, but I bet some scalloped potatoes might taste good?

  4. I also follow you by facebook and i forgot to put my email : greencycling88 @ yahoo. com

  5. follow on Pinterest-tcarolinep
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  6. fried potatoes and ham
    great giveaway

  7. like u on fb Julie A Scott LAWS

  8. pinterest 321gem

  9. I love to make cornbread in iron skillets!

  10. Fried chicken, corn bread., or pineapple cake made in cast iron taste better. you on both fb and pinterest.

  11. Jen @ Juanita's Cocina sent me your way. Like the look of your new layout.

    I'm gonna go a bit different and say that my favorite things to make are a pineapple upside down cake or a giant peanut beutter chocolate chip cookie...both made in the skillet...both made on the grill.

    Just liked you on FB.

  12. So your blog on Juanita's. I use my cast iron pans for Everything, fried chicken, cornbread, skillet rice dishes and of course Empanadas. I even have on pan with a lid I use to bake bread using the No Knead technique.

  13. My favorite skillet creation is my famous holiday skillet almond coffee cake, which you may or may not be receiving as a gift soon :-)

  14. I found you through Jen's blog, Juanita's Cocina, and if you're her inspiration then I'm on board! :) I started following you on Pinterest and Facebook too. My favorite thing to make in a cast iron skillet is hamburgers, it helps to get a good sear!

  15. Just started following u on Facebook & can't remember if I am on Pinterest, but I surely will! :) (

    Since the hubby got a new job & now I don't have to work, I will have time to cook different varieties of dishes. Having a skillet will surely make dinner more interesting especially when there r certain foods that taste better only on a skillet :) can't wait to try out new recipes if I win a skillet :) Love your blog and thanks for an awesome giveaway :)

  16. Cornbread, home fries and of course teh famous rosemary rolls. i am following you on FB and pinterst. Love the new look.

  17. I like to cook cornbread in My cast iron skillet. Also fried chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches. I am following you on Facebook and pinterst. Been years since I made fried chicken in skillet but it is good.

  18. I have no idea. Maybe some good skillet corn bread? I don't have one, but I should add it to my Christmas list. I have been wanting one.

    I also follow you on Facebook and Pinterst.


  19. Yay Aimee! I liked you on FB and followed you on pinterest... thanks for all the yummy recipes and I look forward to more! I have never owned my own cast iron skillet but the favorite thing my grandmother cooked in hers was cubed steak!

  20. Aimee! I follow you on Facebook... and on Pinterest (PinkLemonade) and I'm a big fan of yours!! I've never made anything in a cast iron skillet but I've seen lots of yummy things on pinterest! (

  21. I've never cooked with a cast iron skillet! It's something I've been wanting to try!
    ajoy1332 at yahoo dot com

  22. I love fried chicken and cornbread out of a cast iron skillet

  23. following you on facebook and pinterest.
    Love fried chicken and cornbread in a cast iron skillet

  24. brown sugar garlic chicken.


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