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Walt Disney World Food and Wine Fest 2014 Reviews

I love Walt Disney World anytime of year but especially for Food & Wine Fest! If you're not familiar with Food and Wine Fest, here's a brief overview: you eat your weight in food and then go home, 20 pounds heavier. Kidding. Sorta. World Showcase (a large portion of Epcot, which features 11 countries) is turned into a food fest. Booths are set up around the lagoon and each booth features large sample sizes of various cuisines from that country/region. The sample sizes range from $3-$7, with various beers, wines, and cocktails also offered for $3-$12. In addition, there are lots of ticketed events you can attend including demos, dinners, and desserts. 

Much of the booth food is repeated for several years so if you're planning to visit soon, check out my post from last year here. We tried to pick different items this year.

Mexico: Sweet Corn Cheesecake - $3.50

I'm a cheesecake fan and I loved this version! Doesn't taste "corny" at all - just sweet and creamy like a traditional cheesecake. Also a decent portion for the cost and a great crust. 

Italy: Ravioli all Caprese: Cheese ravioli, tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parmesan, and basil - $6.00

This was just 'eh' to me. It tasted fine, but no different than a (dare I say it) frozen ravioli dinner. It was nothing special for sure and we would not order it again.

France: Crème brûlée caramel fleur de sel: Sea salt caramel crème brûlée topped with caramelized sugar – $4.25

This is one of Jason's favorite desserts so he was not skipping this booth! He really liked it - and I don't think I even got a bite! 

France: Gratin de crozet de savoie: Wheat pasta gratin with mushrooms and Gruyere cheese – $4.95

This was probably one of my favorite F&WF dishes to date! It was creamy, cheesy, and loaded with mushrooms. Good portions size, too.

Ireland: Kerrygold® cheese selection: Reserve cheddar, Dubliner with Irish Stout and Skellig – $4.00

In year's past, they had a cheese booth as part of the festival. They didn't this year for some reason but some booths still offered a cheese selection. Kerrygold cheese is one of my favorite brands (plus their butter is amazing!) so this was a no-brainer. This was a substantial plate, with large portions of each cheese plus bread/butter and the chutney. Very good!

Ireland: Lobster and seafood fisherman’s pie – $6.25

Someone in our group ordered this and said it was delicious. I was too busy gorging on cheese to ask too many questions - I apologize :)

Scotland: Seared sea scallop with spinach-cheddar gratin and crispy bacon – $4.50

This was another favorite of mine. The scallop was perfectly cooked and the spinach was ridiculously tasty. They worked well together. My only complaint? I wanted 4 of them :) Definitely would order again!

Scotland: Fresh potato pancake with smoked Scottish salmon and herb sour cream – $4.25

My mom ordered this and said it was delicious. Smoked salmon is rarely not delicious, IMO.

Terra: Chocolate-blood orange cupcake with tofu icing – $2.25

Just a couple of years ago, Terra made it's debut at the festival featuring all vegan food. We are meat and cheese loving people so we typically ignored it but this year, mom couldn't pass up the chocolate orange cupcake. I was afraid she'd hate it, since it had tofu icing, but she LOVED it. Said it tasted just like a "regular" cupcake. It must have been a hit because the lady behind her in line was getting her 3rd of the night. They aren't huge but still, that speaks volumes!

We also saw Fuel in concert! If you're going to the Food and Wine Fest, be sure and check the schedule for the Eat to the Beat Concerts. They are free and a lot of fun!

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