Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The Lorax" Themed Party

One of the awesome perks of my job is planning events that are kid friendly. I'm a big theme person; give me a theme and I will gladly run with it. Thanks to Pinterest, the possibilities are endless! I recently hosted a family movie night, and we watched The Lorax {my first time to see it and man, it's cute!}. Of course like any non-profit, my budget is limited so I tried to be creative yet cheap.

Anything Dr. Seuss is fun to work with as a theme since everything is so colorful and whimsical. Which is good, I guess, since Lorax themed partyware has not been produced so you're on your own.

I opted for basic yellow tablecloths with orange plates/napkins and decorated simply with orange balloons adorned with the Lorax face.

Eh, his face is a bit spread out... poor guy :)

Helium is at an all-time high but children dig balloons. And they do make a room more festive. I got the face cut-outs here for FREE:

I also did a photo wall with the trees and had mustaches to use. I downloaded the mustaches (from the link above) and just taped it to a yellow straw I ordered for the cotton candy. While most young children won't ham it up in a "photo booth" like adults, it still gives the opportunity for a fun family picture.

For food, I went with 1) inexpensive 2) kid friendly 3) easy for a crowd. You guessed it, pizza! For dessert, we had cupcakes. I ordered a mix of chocolate and vanilla and asked for all orange frosting. I made these cute cupcake toppers to put on each - just printed them on cardstock, cut, and taped to a toothpick. Also found at the link above!

No movie night is complete without popcorn. Our church has a popcorn popper so we not only had fresh buttery popcorn but the smell to go with it :) We usually use bags (they're cheaper!) but I wanted little boxes for the event. The bags are hard for small hands to use, plus they spill when set down. Boxes stand upright and are easier for children.

The trees in The Lorax look JUST like cotton candy to me.
So though we didn't need anything else, I had to add cotton candy to the line-up. I ordered yellow striped paper straws from Amazon to use as the tree trunks. To make the "trees" stand up, I covered a box with wrapping paper and punched holes in the top. Add a fluff of cotton candy to a straw and you're good to go!
There you have it! Relatively easy, inexpensive, yet festive Lorax themed movie night. Huge thanks to Nicole @ The Party Animal for the downloads!

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  1. Loved your simple yet creative ideas that went so well with the theme. And its impressive that you did it all in a cost efficient way. I love planning parties too, and pinterest is like my source for most ideas. My son is a huge Doctor Who fan, so that is the theme we are going with for his birthday party this weekend at the amazing event space Chicago.


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